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Happy Birthday Little One!

first birthdays sure are speciall! with the first little kiddo we made a huge stink with a big celebration and threw a party for a whole lot of people in a nearby park. it really was beautiful, but this time around we knew we wanted to slow things down and really enjoy and reflect on the big milestone that was upon us! the first year is chock-full of changes, you are handed your tiny and helpless little bean and they quickly transform into to a fully functioning mini person!!! knowing how fast the days, months, years go, i have been making a conscious effort when spending time with the kiddos to soak in every little detail...but alas the big first year is upon us and of course it feels like it snuck up.

can we talk about these donut cakes for a minute?! my sister is a cake genius and every year she creates beautiful and seriously yummy desserts for our celebrations. while planning for this year's shindig, i basically told her i thought a donut theme would be cute and she baked these beauties!!! the other donuts were purchased from our favorite place in burlingame, the royal donut!

these mini balloons were a hit! the kids had a blast stomping around in them during the party and the girls played with them for weeks following the party. for you fellow photo-snappers who are obsessed with party decor that is unique and comes in complimentary shades, check out our favorite online party store (based out of san francisco), oh happy day party shop.

if you are keen on taking a few photos to remember your child's milestone, i wrote this blog post simplifying the photo shoot process and included some tips & tricks to ensure everyone is having fun AND you get a few good pictures.

party people!!

happy happy birthday little amara!!! may all of your best wishes come true!!!

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