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Bay Area with Kids: Filoli

a visit to filoli is truly the best way to kickoff the spring season as the gardens are in full bloom. i am slightly embarrassed to admit that this was my first visit after living nearby for so many years. jimmy had a date with our garage to brew up a batch of beer, so I wanted to pick an outing which i thought would be fun (and manageable solo) for just us girls. while you would not think of filoli as a top destination with kids in tow, it ended up being just what we needed as the girls could stretch their legs, run through the gardens, and let some energy out while enjoying the magical grounds filled with flowers/plants!

Picnic at Filoli

we showed up later in the afternoon while most people were headed out, so got a parking spot right in front. started off with a picnic (my kids are always hungry and happiest right after eating - - i'm pretty sure thats universal). i only saw a few picnic tables, so opted to sit on the the ground on a blanket i had brought. no matter where we go or what we do on any outing, the actual picnic usually ends up being their favorite part of their day (they just like pj&js that much haha).

we waited in a very long line to buy tickets ($20 for me, and the girls were free)! the garden grounds are expansive; we strolled leisurely and it took a few hours...i hear there is a mansion to tour, but we found the gardens to be enough for one trip and didn't make it in to the house. there were gorgeous blooming tulips were every which way we looked.

filoli roses

we are really into alice in wonderland right now, so was fun walking around screaming "who painted the roses red?!"

Sister hug

Nothing like a little break for sister cuddles in the middle of a garden.

filoli daffodil field

our favorite part of the grounds was this gorgeous daffodil field that was open for exploring. kids loved it, we could have spent the entire time there alone.

this trip was pre-amara walking!! it was cute watching amara watch her big sis explore.

filoli daffodil field

daffodil fields forever

filoli daffodil field

you can find the girls dresses here, and their leather hair bows here.


​​filoli deets:

hours: 10am-5pm (they are closed on monday!)


summary: a grown up destination, but can accommodate kids nicely


* open spaces for running

* kids are free

* great way to teach kids about a wide variety of flowers/plants


* a few dangerous areas where you have to keep a close watch on the kids

* double strollers don't fit thru some of the walkways

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