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The Best  Plant Shops in Portland, OR

When i'm not looking for plants, I'm (over)watering my plants.

Now I'm writing about plants to avoid looking for more plants.

So here is the list!  My favorite shops to buy indoor plants around Portland!


My most frequented nursery, they are  good-vibe creation geniuses.  I get instantly happy just stepping foot in this place. They have the best selection of local pottery + plants. To make matters worse (for my wallet), they have 2 locations so is technically "on my way home" from any direction.


Pistils Nursery

Gorgeous selection of plants and the most amazing greenhouse you will ever set eyes on, it is seriously next level.  If you have kids, make sure to visit the chicken coop in the back (the one named Goldie Hawn is a crowd-pleaser). Would be remiss if I didn't mention their stellar assortment of pottery, woven planters, & planting station.

Pistils Nursery.jpg


Oh Gurtons! This small little spot uses every inch of space to showcase their pretty big selection of plants. Always a good stop as they have an ever-changing assortment.

Gurtons Plant Shop

Portland Nursery

Portland Nursery always wins on price! They are 30% less than the boutique nurseries mentioned on this page and heavily stocked in your basic selection of healthy and amazing indoor & outdoor plants.  Not so impressed with their cacti, so would hit up the other spots if that is your thing.

Portland Nursery

Local Branch

This is the most dangerous of all stops as it has a killer assortment of jaw-dropping plants and one-of-a-kind vintage finds.  As if that wasn't enough, the darling owners of this shop catapult it to my #1 with their engaging & warm convos and super down-to-earth plant knowledge.

Local Branch

Arium Botanicals

Arium just opened up in their new location off MLK and it is a show-stopper.  Gorgeous selection, really nice owners, have such a wealth of knowledge and provide the best care instructions. A bit on the pricey side, but they have offerings you can't find anywhere else.

Arium Botanicals.JPG

Hammer & Vine

Have driven by a million times and didn't realize this little gem is hidden off of busy Burnside.  While their collection was a tad smaller, they sure did have some cool plants I haven't seen elsewhere and prices were much lower than the competition. 

Hammer + Vine

Kabinette PDX

Was super impressed by the prices at this place! While the selection was limited, the pothos were a plenty and at the lowest price I have seen around. In addition, they have the coolest selection of indian vintage finds! Gotta check this place out.


Map of Plant Shops

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